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Film Review: Video Killer

Video Killer is a 74 minute film, written and directed by Richard Mansfield.  It tells the story of Amy, who receives a VHS tape and soon after realises that she is being stalked by a masked figure.  We go on to learn that she must track down other victims in order to try and work out who is trying to kill them, and her.

The film itself follows the journey of five different characters who are only connected by the situation they find themselves in.  When they are filming themselves, trying to find “it”, you find yourself searching every inch of the frame for a glimpse of the masked figure.  Some of the characters’ journeys end quite unexpectedly and you soon realise that it is mainly Amy’s story that’s the focus.

Written for the London Horror Society, read the full post at http://londonhorrorsociety.co.uk/film-review-video-killer/.