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Last year I got to accomplish my dream of attending FrightFest.  It was amazing.  Four days of meeting like-minded horror fans, enjoying film after film, glimpsing some of my idols and taking part in workshops.  It was everything I wanted it to be.  And more.

I am very happy to announce that this year I am taking my dream one step further and I am attending FrightFest Glasgow.  I was very lucky to get my hands on a ticket on Monday (get your hands on one here).  It’s an extra special event as it’s also an early birthday present to myself.

So today FrightFest announced the line up for the weekend.  And it is good.  Not that it wouldn’t be; they’ve never let us down before.  I have had a hunt through the films and have found 5 gems that I can’t wait to see:


Godzilla is back for a reboot of Toho’s kaiju classic.  Present-day Japan, and an unexplained seismic event has occurred off the coast of Shinagawa, causing ripple effects all the way to the capital.  Ministers scramble to figure out what the audience already knows: Godzilla has returned.

“Godzilla, Gozilla, Godzilla…”.  Man oh man do I love this gorilla crossed with a whale (that’s what Wiki says Godzilla is anyway).  My favourite version is the one with Matthew Broderick (I know I’ve now lost readers for admitting that but I stand by my decision).  This film looks raw, imaginative and epic.  I can’t wait to see him/her/it stamping about and breathing hellish fire once again.  Bring it on.


Three friends set out to film an audition tape for submission to an extreme reality game show.  They decide to travel to Australia and document themselves in a shark diving cage.  While on the dive, a catastrophic turn of events leaves them in baited water full of hungry Great White sharks…

This is my second “creature-feature” but I love sharks or, more importantly, I love horror films about sharks: Jaws, Jaws 2, The Shallows, Deep Blue Sea (that counts, right?) so I am eager to see what happens with this “found-footage” angle on killer Great Whites.  I have high hopes for this feature.  Let’s hope it doesn’t sink.



This film follows vegetarian Justine who, during a hazing at veterinary college, is forced to eat raw liver.  Her new unhealthy desire for meat drives her to commit acts of savagery, eventually leading to cannibalism.

This film has replaced the Patient Zero in the line-up but I am just as keen to see this film because of one word.  Cannibalism.  I realise this may make me seem a little unhinged but I think many of us have a certain fascination around this subject, after all there has been documented cannibalism globally so we can’t taste that bad.  There were reports of audience members passing out when this played at Toronto Film Festival.  Now this may have been a publicity stunt but I hope it’s true because any film that gross has got the thumbs up from me.


Inspired by real-life crimes, this film follows Vicki Maloney who is randomly abducted by a disturbed serial killing couple in the mid-80’s.  She quickly realises she must drive a wedge between the couple if she is to survive.

Some of my favourite horror films involve serial killers; it’s my kitsch.  The premise of this one really interests me, especially considering it’s a real-life “this could happen to anyone” situation.  After watching the trailer, I’m pretty sure I’ll never trust a man with a moustache again.


At a New Year’s Eve party, naïve Nico sets out to lose his virginity.  His gaze crosses to a mature woman, Medea and he’s immediately whisked off to her filthy apartment where there are all sorts of sinister goings-on…

I recently got into Spanish horror after doing a contemporary horror film course so this film caught my eye immediately.  It looks sick, disgusting, gross, insane and utterly, utterly incredible.  I predict that this is going to be my favourite of the weekend.  And it’s last on the schedule.  Sweet dreams everyone.

(Image rights: Venice Film Festival)