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Veracity is another word for truth

In truth, I couldn’t do it. The truth is private. That is a belief I have. Sometimes it is necessary to share; it is a privilege to receive it. You may get an unpleasant truth, a mean truth or a harsh truth. But it is a truth nonetheless.

I always thought the ability to read people’s minds was up there with flying as the best superhero power to have.

3104142-3269566306-images  Professor_X_by_JJusko

(Images: http://www.soundonsight.org/to-better-know-a-hero-jean-grey/ & http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Telepathy)

But imagine how painful that would be. Knowing secrets about anything and everything and never being able to share for fear of being a gossip, being branded a liar or being in breach of the law. In some faiths you confess your sins to someone. You are exonerated, you feel free and your shoulders lift a little higher. But what about the person you confessed to? How do they manage to get up every day not knowing what truths are going to be revealed to them? Faith, I hear you say. Yeah that is probably the only reason they can stand it. I know a lot of nosy people, my own mam included (sorry!) but I don’t think she’d been keen to know the deep, dark recesses of the minds of those which should not be shared. Sick, depraved thoughts and actions that apparently can be forgiven if you confess.

That is truth to me. It is dark and benevolent, unbending and unyielding. The world might be a better place if it was just like ‘The Invention of Lying’ but we can’t possibly know that. People argue that the Government should be straight with us. After all we pay their wages and vote for them to be in power. But ask yourself, could you do their job? Yeah, you get a nice bonus and a big expense account. But what do they know that you don’t know? And are you ready to handle it?


(Image: http://www.dallasblack.com/entertainment/ducted)

If the world is going to end in a week, the truth should stay hidden. The world would fall apart if everyone knew they had mere days to live out their fantasies, wishes and dreams. There would be no conscience, no rules, no law enforcement, nothing but the individual voices screaming “No! I will not die today”. These voices belong to people who would smash shop windows to steal Blu-ray players no one will buy and break into someone’s house to see if someone “do-able” lives there.

I apologise for such a “glass half-empty” blog post. I honestly do believe there are good people in the world and if everyone came together in the last moments of the earth’s life, to hold hands and pray to God there is a better place for all of us, it would be magically insane. I hope we never have to find out. And I hope the world does and can become a better place. But, for now, I am going to put my vial of truth serum in a “Break glass in case of emergency” box, in a dark corner of a locked safe because the truth is dangerous and I for one am not ready to let that loose in this world.

SampleVial-Full images

(Images: http://bloodtimeproject.googlecode.com/svn/BloodTimeProject/WebContent/ & http://www.jeffjacobsonagency.com/microblog/break-glass-case-emergency/)

MySpace. MyMemories

I don’t think I’m alone if I say that MySpace was my first foray into social media. I remember everyone having pages set up and talking about how great the site was. I felt left out if I’m totally honest. It was like the time everyone was raving about a programme called South Park. I played along, buying a Kenny key ring although I had no idea who the big-eyed, orange hooded creature was staring back at me. I did eventually catch up and I still watch it to this day. (The same thing happened with Little Britain – love it!).

download - Copy  images

(Images: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenny_McCormick & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenny_McCormick)

Anyway, I eventually got onto MySpace and set up a page. Looking back I was on there every day. Not all day every day but… yeah, every day! That doesn’t seem like a big deal to all of us that use Facebook nowadays as a social crutch but back then I was out all the time. I had friends and parties and gigs to go to. And I still managed to fit it in. It replaced phone calls and texts and invitations. I was hooked.

I never “did” Bebo, haven’t bothered with Instagram and my phone doesn’t have Snapchat. I now have a Facebook page. Although I didn’t really have a choice. You see, apparently everyone decided Facebook was the next “big thing” and everyone left MySpace. It was just me and a few musicians (good and bad). So, like all the others, I turned to FB.

download (3) - Copydownload (2) - Copydownload (4) - Copydownload (1)

MySpace still exists. As a music site more than anything so my forgotten password will stay forgotten. It is weird to think my page is out there, somewhere, in the big WWW. and it probably always will be. Yet, today, I had a very nice surprise. An email from MySpace with my photos. My photos from my page. Memories of years past and friends long since seen, of a previous job and previous boyfriends. Happy memories (I mean who puts up sad photos right?). It was a nice reminder of days gone past and a lovely start to a lovely day.

images (1)

The photos are now on Facebook. My new “Space”.

The waiting game begins

American Horror Story is the bomb! I mean it. Better than Breaking Bad and much easier to get into than Hemlock Grove to have intelligent, gripping and genuinely disturbing horror content that regards you as a grown up, capable of following several narratives and not exerting to blood and guts to make the journey bearable.

250px-Breaking_Bad_title_card  Hemlock_Grove_Titlecard

(Images: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breaking_Bad & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemlock_Grove_(TV_series))

I discovered the joy of this mini-series through the wonder of Netflix. However, my job was short lived as I realise there are two series that are not yet available, that I am unable to explore 😦 Tonight I watched the last two episodes of Asylum (series two) and when it ended I looked up wondering what to do with the big, gaping hole in front of me… so I turned here. To you. Just to rant to you about how awesome this show really is.

Murder House (series one) was tantalisingly good but Asylum is my fave so far. I have a fascination with insane asylums. Ever since I had the joy of watching House on Haunted Hill (original and remake). I guess it’s not fair to assume they should be gothic, creepy, crazy places but, as many horror clichés go, if the shoe fits…

American.horror.story  American_Horror_Story_Asylum_DVD

(Images: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Horror_Story:_Murder_House & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Horror_Story:_Asylum)

If you are totally horror phobic, I would recommend you stay away from this series. There is good human drama and moral and ethical through points but it really does what it says on the tin and, this time, you should judge the book by its cover. (Even the credits give you the shivers!)

So if you scare easily, stay under the covers. As for me…

the waiting game begins.

Water, water everywhere but too much TV to drink

As I have mentioned before I am a big procrastinator. I work much better on deadlines as I have no excuse not to get something done. For example, I have a friend coming to stay next weekend so rather than doing a usual house clean today (my only day off this week), I figure I’ll do it Thursday. Or Friday. It’ll be cleaner that way. And it also means I don’t have to do it today.

I’m not lazy per se but I am selfish with my own time when it comes to me. To clarify, if I am alone for the day, do I want to clean or watch TV? Do I want to write or watch TV? Do I want to do one of the many outstanding DIY projects on my new home or watch TV? Can you see the theme here? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t sit on the sofa all day long but TV fascinates me. Everything you watch on BBC 1, Channel 4, Sky, cable, Netflix, etc. somebody wrote. Somebody produced. Somebody picked the costumes. Somebody acted in it. These people are doing what I want to be involved in. Not that I do much about accomplishing that dream. I kid myself thinking that watching all this stuff is a way of being involved in what they’re doing. And it is, in a way, but not the way I want.

I’m afraid I have become a creature of habit. And that creature may, one day, be a total “couch potato”. Yes, one day I might. But now, today, I am a procrastinator so I still have the ability to change. I will probably always find an excuse not to. An excuse to postpone my inevitable conceived failures. But at least there are enough channels out there to find something worth watching while I wait.

Dream job is horrifyingly good!


(Image: http://www.celebeat.com/articles/15593/20141219/leigh-whannell-debuts-director-insidious-chapter-3-chapters-1-2.htm)

I have to be careful here so I don’t come off as a scary, psycho stalker fan but I love Leigh Whannell. Let me explain. This man wrote Saw, one of the best horror stories of all time. It is ingenious, gripping and has the best twist. When I saw it at the cinema, I knew instantly it was something special. Yes, I know many hate horror and don’t like how the genre has slid towards ‘torture porn’ but it was more than a horror. It relayed messages about mortality and the fear of death and that you should never take your one shot at life for granted… because you’ll wake up in some maniacal contraption with a creepy puppet wanting to play you a message 😉

the-jaw-trap (Image: http://sawfilms.wikia.com/wiki/Amanda_Young)MEZ10642
(Image: http://www.gameseek.co.uk/pd/toyse5zryae86g3/action-figures-saw-7-inch-puppet-stylized-roto-figure)

This man also wrote Insidious 1 and 2 amongst others (3 is on the way!). I am a hard-core horror fan. I have seen things that would turn your hair whiter than Nancy Thompson’s but there is one scene in Insidious that I struggle to not turn away from. All I will say is: dining room, middle of the day… red devil face… *shivers*

My ultimate dream is to create a character/story that can rival the greats: Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers. Leigh is out there right now writing stories that become films, of which the release dates go into my diary and I am there, on the day, to see some scary s**t. I idolise that he can do that and that he is great at it. Every idea I conceive is contrived or done to death or is missing that… something.

Leigh also has a blog TheWordInTheStone which gave me a great insight into his life and made me realise he’s only human and if one person can do it, so can another. He might not be well known to you and he might be a strange idol to have but who cares?

BTW I heard that Saw 8 is going into production? 🙂

A special mention to Leigh’s Director partner in crime James Wan. I am so looking forward to Annabelle.

And Tobin Bell for “making” Saw for me. And, not related but just as important, to Rob Zombie: without The Devil’s Rejects, my life would not be the same.

Variety may be the spice of life but I like the personal touch

I was a little lazy today and searched for new blogs to follow using the Community Blogroll. I scrolled down and pounced on any name I thought was catchy, fun or unusual. Sifting through a lot of blogs (some too bright to read without inducing headaches, some where the links didn’t work – grr and some in different languages) I did find five that sparked my interest. The chosen are:

Straight off, I liked the layout. Then I read that K is a pre-med student… who also has time to write! Bugger, out go my excuses of being too busy/tired/blah blah blah. This woman may become my idol (K – don’t get scared. I’m not a Cat with claws).

…Do I really need to explain why I picked this one? Oh okay. She’s funny. I laughed out loud, which is a rarity for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not miserable but it was a nice, straight from the gut, unapologetic, gusto of a laugh. So thank you.

First off, it’s pretty. A very pretty page. And the girl (deep, deep, down in my recesses) straight away though “Aw, that’s lovely”. Then I read it… Eliana not only writes but writes reviews. SOLD!

When I first saw this title, I admit I read, re-read and re-read again. Another great layout made me linger long enough to get reading and there are blogs about Reading Festival. I did not go to Reading Festival. I sat on my sofa in my Pink Cookie bathrobe and fast forwarded bands I don’t like. But Jade actually went. Follow.

I don’t know if I’m really allowed to read them considering my, ahem, age but I love the Confessions of Georgia Nicholson series (yep, I have them ALL) so seeing this title immediately made me think of the hilarity and fantastic-ness (I make up words; you’ll get used to it) of Louise Rennison’s writing so I began to read. I was not disappointed. My teenage years are not that far behind me… kind of but I totally get where this guy is coming from on his Professional Procrastinator entry so on the Follow button I clicked.

Well I’m being pretty women heavy here but I read a lot of books by male authors so they can’t bitch. As for the variety of topics, these all seem pretty personal but isn’t all writing personal? I’ll leave you to ponder…

Band names are a good place to start

I found naming my blog extremely difficult today. I have only ever done one other blog, which was for something specific, defined by somebody else. Today’s task was requiring me to think on my own, come up with my own idea… and I still failed. Yes, I turned to my boyfriend who, out of thin air, came up with the tagline “There’s no such thing as too much Cat” (although I’m pretty sure he doesn’t live by that). It’s succinct, it defines me and it works. I struggled with a tagline because I have no idea what I am going to be writing about months down the line but, for now, it’s about me. And that’s not such a bad thing.

Do you agree that at some point everyone grabs their mates and says “I know what we should do, start a band!” Now the fact that I can only play the recorder and basic flute did not influence me one iota. And it did not stop a best mate coming up with the BEST name for my “band” (again not my doing. I need some ideas!). So toodamncat is the name of my band … if I had a band. I have stuck with this as my blog title because it’s, well, me. And like I said earlier, that’s not such a bad thing.