5 Horror Clichés I Hate!

Firstly, I think it’s safe to say that we’re all horror fans. Otherwise, why would you be reading this post on a horror website? And more to the point, why would I have written it? That said, I’m also pretty positive that we all love horror for different reasons.  I grew up with horror; it is part of who I am and I will never leave it for another mistress.  However, like many film genres, horror can make be pretty lazy…  particularly when it comes to clichés.  You’ll definitely have your own, and I’m sure you’ll find some more forgivable (maybe even lovable?) than the others.  Here are the five horror clichés that I hate the most:

Written for the London Horror Society, read the full post at http://londonhorrorsociety.co.uk/5-horror-cliches-hate/.


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