5 Reasons Why You Should See Darkness Falls

“What I took before in kindness, I will take forever in revenge.”

Darkness Falls tells the story of Matilda Shaw, who gave the town’s children gold coins in exchange for their baby teeth, earning her the nickname ‘Tooth Fairy’.  After being horribly burned in an accident and accused of killing two children, she curses the town who wrongfully murder her.  Years later, Kyle loses his last tooth and sees the Tooth Fairy who then kills his mother.

After being institutionalised, he returns to the town to help the younger brother of an old flame who is being stalked by the same foe.  Can they find a way to stop her and end the curse once and for all?  Well, you might be able to guess the outcome, but I still think it’s well worth checking out this often underrated horror gem.  Here are my 5 main reasons why…

Read the full post at http://londonhorrorsociety.co.uk/5-reasons-see-darkness-falls/.

Written for The London Horror Society. Published 9 June 2016.


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