30th birthday in Liverpool

Before heading to Australia, my boyfriend and I had an early birthday celebration in Liverpool in February 2016. We love this city. We always have such a blast and are always lucky with the weather. We may even move here some day.

We spent the night in the wonderful Titanic Hotel on Stanley Dock. This hotel is utterly beautiful and the Titanic theme is classy and well designed. I can’t fault the place but I would say arrive before check in to ensure a parking spot as a wedding party may hog the lot.

Cat on window seat
I hearted the window seat. And rugby

After watching a couple of Rugby World Cup games and glugging a bottle of the good stuff (Prosecco of course), we headed out to the Bierkeller. For £20 each we got a pretzel, a shot (weird blue stuff), a hot dog with chips and a stein of beer. You could also use the cloakroom but the room was freezing so I kept my jacket on. The room soon filled up with stag and hen parties and the entertainment was directly aimed at them. I didn’t really enjoy it. It’s great for the stags and hens but wasn’t really for me. Plus the food actually made me hurl. Tip: Go for a stein of cocktail rather than beer. It tastes much better and is stronger.

Cat at Bierkeller
I did like the pretzels

After a couple of bars and after clearing my stomach (awful I know), we headed to The Krazyhouse. And I was home. There are 3 floors catering to rock/metal, indie and dance. Obviously, I spent 90% of my time on the 1st floor. The music was great and I had a blast. I will definitely be returning.

The next day after a great Titanic breakfast and reluctantly leaving this decadent palace, we headed into the city centre for a day of activities. First up was a trip to the World Museum. This is a really nice museum, which is free entry to 5 floors of world discovery, dinosaurs, space and a bug house.

Cat with giant spider
Oh. Dear. Lord!

Next was a trip up the Radio City Tower. The views were brilliant and the staff were really friendly; I nearly got a birthday shout out on the radio. I’ve also been on The Wheel of Liverpool and can say the views from the tower are much better. And cheaper.

Liverpool view
You can see for miles from the Tower

After a couple of “help the hangover” drinks, we headed to Breakout. This is a live escape room. I have always wanted to take part in one of these and this company allow teams of 2 (most start at 3 players). They have 6 rooms and they book up quickly so if you fancy it, what are you waiting for? We picked ‘Classified’ so we could play at being James Bond. I have no photos as don’t want to spoil it for anyone but I will say that it was a challenge and really good fun. There is a clock on the wall counting down your 60 minutes and a screen will provide helpful clues if you get stuck (our helper was Emily who was really nice). We escaped with 3 minutes 45 seconds to spare! I will definitely be going back.

We rounded off the day with a tasty meal at Ask Italian; my favourite “chain” restaurant. We had the baked dough balls, meatballs, salami misti and calzone carne piccante (we love our food). I washed mine down with their deliciously light cocktail, ‘Italian Twinkle’: Prosecco (I do love the stuff), elderflower cordial, vodka and a twist of lemon.

Overall, it was a great birthday celebration and it reinforced our love for all things Liverpool (except their footy teams of course; Sunderland till I die and all that). We’ve already booked to go back in January 2017. And I can’t bloody wait.


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