Getting back on the bike

I can’t ride a bike. I mean I can as in I can keep my balance and push the pedals round but that’s about it. As a kid, getting on a bike meant freedom and I’d cycle for miles and miles around the countryside every weekend. But as an adult my thighs burn,  my lungs burn and I really struggle to go that far.

I include a cardio day at the gym each week and I usually choose the stationery bike. At the moment I cycle on “random” and can get about 16 km in 45 minutes. And I can manage this. I am sweating buckets and I am usually watching an episode of Bates Motel on Netflix to help get me through. But I manage it. And each week I get further in less time.

So why can’t I translate this onto my bicycle? I’m not even going up hills. Today I went for my first bike ride of the year and managed 6.4 miles on flat, countryside roads. I was originally supposed to go 9.1 miles but I cut it short. The wind was biting cold and the seat hurts my bike bones AKA my butt. Excuses indeed and now I’m home and sat at my computer, I reckon I could have made those last few miles.

At least the scenery is lush
At least the scenery is lush

It’s worse for my boyfriend; he doesn’t get much of a workout if he cycles with me, although today he went off on his own for a bit so I got to enjoy the peace and quiet (and some Hollywood Undead) and he got in an extra couple of miles.

I am so slow, he's able to stop and take sly photos
I am so slow, he’s able to stop and take sly photos

I need to stop making excuses. I need to try harder. I need stronger thighs and lungs and spirit. And the only way to do that is to get back on the horse. I mean bike.


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