Pinning it down

I took part in a Pinterest Bloggers Workshop today. I am no stranger to social media – I have Facebook and Twitter accounts and I fondly remember Myspace. Until this workshop, I didn’t know that Pinterest is not a social media site. It was very interesting, sharing information about the best way to engage with people and I got some great hints and tips such as don’t use hashtags and use good descriptions on your pins.

I don’t know how much I’ll use my Pinterest account and if it will actually be useful to me as a writer but there are some fantastic pins out there and I can see how useful it is for businesses. I can’t help but wonder what the next big internet/app “thing” will be. Apparently, our Government wants to ban WhatsApp – this is absolutely sacrilege. I can’t get signal at my house so live on this particular app.

I am a bit of a technophobe. I am competent on a PC/laptop but tablets freak me out and my mobile apps never work when I try to use them. At a recent writers conference, the focus was on how to make social media work for you. I could see a clear generation divide amongst the writers there, especially considering all of the panel(s) members were under 30 years old. It made me realise I am ahead of the curve when it comes to social media and all you need for that is some form of technology with an internet connection. However, you can’t just post anything or everything, at any time, in a totally unscheduled manner. Well, you can but not if you wanna use the social media outlet to its utmost potential i.e. funny tweets, relevant Facebook posts, posted not too often and connect with your audience.

In a world more and more powered by technology, it is becoming far more difficult to swim against the tide. The advancement of technology scares me (that Humans programme could very well be real one day) but I am still excited by my sexy, new, blue notebook (although I have to return it because the mousepad doesn’t work properly. Argh!). As a writer I need to embrace all of the tools at my disposal. Anything that will make it easier for me to write and to get my writing out there.

I just need to write now…


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