The Devil in I is a little harder to find

Sitting in front of me on my little computer desk are two tickets to the Slipknot and Korn gig at the Motorpoint Arena this Friday. Running around and around in my head is The Devil In I, the second single from their new album .5: The Gray Chapter. I’m a big Slipknot fan. I’m a rock/metal/pop rock fan. I also like RnB, rap, hip hop and classical. But I always come back to the best. I list Alexisonfire, Nirvana, Greenday (pre-American Idiot) and Hollywood Undead among my favourite bands of all time. My favourite festival is Download, although Bloodstock is pretty rad and I’m yet to get to Sonisphere. I have 15 piercings, 4 tattoos (soon to be 5) and my favourite clothing brand (at the moment) is Metal Mulisha.

SLipknot DownloadLogo

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Why am I telling you this? Well, if you popped by to see me in my office during a typical workday, you would be confused and ask me where Cat is. I would then look confused and reply that it is me you are looking for. You see, I’m not your typical alternative girl i.e. long black hair extensions, dramatic eye makeup, facial piercings, all black outfit and tattooed sleeves (just one example). I would probably be wearing a smart outfit, minimal makeup, hair in a ponytail and have no piercings/tattoos on show. I like to think there are several versions of me: work me, alternative me, casual me, really casual me, dressy me, etc. I think anyone has the right to look and dress how they want and I am envious of tattooed sleeves, lip piercings and voluminous, black hair. I don’t look like that and probably never will. But that does not make me any less “rock and roll”.


I know some fans of metal music who would rather cut their ears off than listen to Taylor Swift. And I know some people who live for the latest chart music that think metal fans also love the devil and sacrifice lambs on the weekend. Both sets of people are idiots. Anyone can like anything and everything. But, just like when it comes to politics or religion, you can believe in and enjoy all sorts of things without having to plant yourself in a certain “type”: emo, punk, chav, trendy, alternative, goth.

Some of you may not know what I’m talking about, some of you may be nodding and some of you may think I‘ve got it all wrong. That’s the beauty of the opinion. This is me. All of me. Every version of me. I love horror, metal and have some books on my shelf that psychiatrists would have a field day with. I also love animals and rainbows and when Santa sent me a letter at Christmas, I nearly cried with joy! But isn’t that the beauty of humanity? We still have the ability to surprise. Right now, I am retiring to the couch to to watch Interview with the Vampire… and I’m wearing a pink bathrobe and pink slipper socks. Go figure.


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