Veracity is another word for truth

In truth, I couldn’t do it. The truth is private. That is a belief I have. Sometimes it is necessary to share; it is a privilege to receive it. You may get an unpleasant truth, a mean truth or a harsh truth. But it is a truth nonetheless.

I always thought the ability to read people’s minds was up there with flying as the best superhero power to have.

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But imagine how painful that would be. Knowing secrets about anything and everything and never being able to share for fear of being a gossip, being branded a liar or being in breach of the law. In some faiths you confess your sins to someone. You are exonerated, you feel free and your shoulders lift a little higher. But what about the person you confessed to? How do they manage to get up every day not knowing what truths are going to be revealed to them? Faith, I hear you say. Yeah that is probably the only reason they can stand it. I know a lot of nosy people, my own mam included (sorry!) but I don’t think she’d been keen to know the deep, dark recesses of the minds of those which should not be shared. Sick, depraved thoughts and actions that apparently can be forgiven if you confess.

That is truth to me. It is dark and benevolent, unbending and unyielding. The world might be a better place if it was just like ‘The Invention of Lying’ but we can’t possibly know that. People argue that the Government should be straight with us. After all we pay their wages and vote for them to be in power. But ask yourself, could you do their job? Yeah, you get a nice bonus and a big expense account. But what do they know that you don’t know? And are you ready to handle it?



If the world is going to end in a week, the truth should stay hidden. The world would fall apart if everyone knew they had mere days to live out their fantasies, wishes and dreams. There would be no conscience, no rules, no law enforcement, nothing but the individual voices screaming “No! I will not die today”. These voices belong to people who would smash shop windows to steal Blu-ray players no one will buy and break into someone’s house to see if someone “do-able” lives there.

I apologise for such a “glass half-empty” blog post. I honestly do believe there are good people in the world and if everyone came together in the last moments of the earth’s life, to hold hands and pray to God there is a better place for all of us, it would be magically insane. I hope we never have to find out. And I hope the world does and can become a better place. But, for now, I am going to put my vial of truth serum in a “Break glass in case of emergency” box, in a dark corner of a locked safe because the truth is dangerous and I for one am not ready to let that loose in this world.

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