The waiting game begins

American Horror Story is the bomb! I mean it. Better than Breaking Bad and much easier to get into than Hemlock Grove to have intelligent, gripping and genuinely disturbing horror content that regards you as a grown up, capable of following several narratives and not exerting to blood and guts to make the journey bearable.

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I discovered the joy of this mini-series through the wonder of Netflix. However, my job was short lived as I realise there are two series that are not yet available, that I am unable to explore 😦 Tonight I watched the last two episodes of Asylum (series two) and when it ended I looked up wondering what to do with the big, gaping hole in front of me… so I turned here. To you. Just to rant to you about how awesome this show really is.

Murder House (series one) was tantalisingly good but Asylum is my fave so far. I have a fascination with insane asylums. Ever since I had the joy of watching House on Haunted Hill (original and remake). I guess it’s not fair to assume they should be gothic, creepy, crazy places but, as many horror clichés go, if the shoe fits…

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If you are totally horror phobic, I would recommend you stay away from this series. There is good human drama and moral and ethical through points but it really does what it says on the tin and, this time, you should judge the book by its cover. (Even the credits give you the shivers!)

So if you scare easily, stay under the covers. As for me…

the waiting game begins.


3 thoughts on “The waiting game begins”

  1. It’s good to know there are other folk out there who enjoy these shows as much as I do! (Of course, many do otherwise the shows would get canceled, right?) I loved Asylum, but I have to admit Murder House was my favorite by far. That’s not to say that each season has completely drawn me in and there aren’t many shows that can do that. I’m greatly looking forward to the next season.


    1. Oh, you should give it a go. Watch it on a sunny day when there are other people in the house and then you can build up to watching it alone… in the dark! 😉 Let me know how you get on


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